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Pink Flower Pendant
Hina Doll Display
Beautiful kanzashis (and KIREI stickers!)
Blown Glass Hina Dolls
Yuragi Dama Kanzashis
Layered Flower Beads
Galaxy pendant
Deep Blue Multi-flower Ring
Selling at an event
Mini Yuragi Dama earring
Cherry Blossoms at Night
Asymmetric Flower Beads
Heart Chain Necklaces
Heart Charms
Ditsy Purple Flower Bead
Sakura Earring Set
Scales Bead
Flower Hina Dolls
Cloudy Flower Pendant on Kumihimo Necklace
Mica with Flowers Chain Necklace
Pink/Purple With White Flowers
Cherry Blossoms and Gradient Core
Mask Chain
Blue Flower Pendant
Heart Charm Necklace
Blowed Glass with Chain Detail
Multi-flower Pendant
Cherry Blossoms and Rainbow Cracks
Layered Flower Pendant
Little Decorative Teapot
Pink Marbled Heart Earring Set
Galaxy Pendants
Pointed Galaxy Pendant with Smaller Galaxy Beads
Hidden Flower Blue Pendant (2)
Blue Hidden Flower Pendant
Colorful Heart Charms
Blues and Iridescent Glass
Blue Multi-flower Ring
Purple Hidden Flower Pendant
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