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Shinpiteki 2-058
  • Shinpiteki 2-058

    This necklace has an almond shaped galaxy pendant with vibrant hues of green and gold, along with a smaller galaxy bead with the same theme. It is an adjustable cordal necklace.


    Shinpiteki (神秘的) means mystical in Japanese.


      The necklace can be 25cm at it's shortest, and 73cm at it's longest.

      Bead Dimensions - Length: ≈40mm, Width: ≈20mm, Thickness: ≈15mm

      Please bear in mind that the product is made of glass - too much applied pressure or dropping it could cause it to break.


      Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we are only selling (and shipping) to buyers in Japan with a flat-rate shipping fee.